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As a service to the community, ARIN is furnishing a software repository for tools that are related to ARIN's mission. These tools are furnished "as is" and maintained by members in the community.

If you would like ARIN to host your tools for the community to use, please e-mail with a short description of the project and how it is relevant to ARIN's mission. We will respond to your request within 5 business days. If approved, we will host your project and will provide the following services:

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whois-stats - A Daily Whois Statistics Parser for JSON.

ArinWhois.NET - A .NET client for ARIN's RESTful Whois (Whois-RWS).

NicInfo - A command line Registry Data Access Protocol (RDAP) client.

RDAP Bootstrap - A Registry Data Access Protocol Bootstrap server (Java web application).

ARINcli - a set of command-line scripts, written in Ruby, that utilize both the Whois-RWS service and the Reg-RWS service (formerly ARINr)

RWhois - a distributed directory service toolset that the community uses to provide network reassignment information to the community locally

Resource Certification (RESCERT) - a set of tools being used to set up a certificate-based repository for associations between autonomous system numbers and network allocations