1. rdns(1)
  2. rdns(1)


rdns - ARINcli Reverse DNS


rdns options --edit DELEGATION_NAME
rdns options --zonefile ZONE_FILE1 [ZONE_FILE2, ....]


This program uses ARIN's Reg-RWS(7) service to modify reverse DNS delegations.

There are two actions specified with either the --edit or --zonefile options.

The --edit option requires the name of a reverse DNS delegation name (or zone) as an argument. It will fetch that delegation from ARIN and allow the user to edit it in a YAML file and then modify the delegation in ARIN's database if the YAML file has been modified.

When the editor is invoked, if no changes are made (i.e. the editor quits without saving), then the action will be aborted.

The --zonefile option takes one or more zone file names as arguments. It will parse the zone files and modify the corresponding reverse DNS delegations based on the zone files. If the --no-verify is not specified, the delegation information will be put into a YAML file and the user will be allowed to edit it before the delegations are modified.

Unlike the --edit action, when the --zonefile action invokes the editor, the actions will be performed even if no changes are made.



arincli(7), Reg-RWS(7)

  1. August 2016
  2. rdns(1)