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arininfo - ARINcli Whois Command


arininfo options QUERY_VALUE


This program uses ARIN's Whois-RWS(7) RESTful API to query ARIN's Whois database. The general usage is "arininfo QUERY_VALUE" where the type of QUERY_VALUE influences the type of query performed. This program will attempt to guess the type of QUERY_VALUE, but the QUERY_VALUE type maybe explicitly set using the -t option. Queries for data related to the QUERY_VALUE may be specified using the -r option (i.e. the reverse DNS delegations related to a network).

In certain cases, Organization handles (orghandle), also knows as organization ids, can be properly determined. This occurs when the Organization handle ends with -z or with -xxx where xxx is a number. As a shortcut for Organization handles that do not match these cases, a -o can be appended to signify that it is an Organization handle.

The following are other criteria for determining the type of the QUERY_VALUE when the -t option is not given:

The QUERY_VALUE can also be a result value from a previous query if it ends with an equal sign ("="). Consider the following tree output:

1= NET-192-136-136-0-1 ( - )
--- 1. Reverse DNS Delegations --- 1= 136.136.192.in-addr.arpa.

A QUERY_VALUE of "1=1=1=" would be a shortcut for requerying for 136.136.192.in-addr.arpa. The character between the numbers can also be a period character ("."). So "1.1.1=" would be equivalent.




arincli(7), arinutil(1), Whois-RWS(7)

  1. August 2016
  2. arininfo(1)